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Most often, the first question that needs an answer is:Do I sell first or do I buy first?

At OConly Properties, we believe it is in your best interest to discuss your situation completely with one of our experienced Sales Associates.  That way most, if not all, of the issues can be resolved to your satisfaction.

Certainly, here are some of the factors that will enter in your decision:

  • How urgent is the need to change
  • How quickly can the change be made given the general market conditions
  • Time of the year to make a move – Spring and Fall are the most popular
  • Interest rates
  • Consumer confidence in the economy.

There are other determinations that will factor into you decision. For example, if you have specific criteria already in mind:

  • Location
  • Size of the home you want
  • The age of the property.

So we, at OConly Properties, suggest the following:

You can create a contingency in any offer such that any sale of your existing home is dependent on your finding a new home first;  and similarly, your purchase of another home can be contingent on your selling your present home first.

Either way, you will be assured of the outcome meeting your needs.  There is also a general rule of listing both the sale and purchase of a home simultaneously and that should of course be tempered with the appropriate contingency just discussed.

                                                                                                       SPECIAL NOTE


It is extremely important that you have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm installed in the property. A State of California law in effect as of July 2011 makes this mandatory.

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