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OConly Properties is privileged to offer its services to you whether you are buying a home for the first time or whether you’ve done so in the past. This is especially true now that there have been a variety of changes in the current real estate market.

What can be a daunting task, can be made very straightforward and sensible so as to assure your needs are fully met and that you can reach a result that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Yes, there are lots of details involved but, with the assistance of our OConly Properties Sales Associates, these can be thoroughly covered. That will be key to a highly successful buying experience.

A few important considerations to include so OConly Properties can help in your fact-finding:

1.     In Orange County, there are many types of homes available: ranch, contemporary, colonial  and even historic
2.     What are your overall property area needs?
3.     What is your family size with respect to: number of bedrooms and baths; size of each individual room?
4.     Are there special features you would want to include: family room, den, fireplace, deck, central air conditioning;pool, play area for

        children, garden area, BBQ pit, laundry room, and kitchen with an eating area; formal dining room?
5.     Security and privacy
6.     Closeness to freeways for access to work or business
6.     Garage area for multiple cars
7.     Ease of maintenance of the overall property area
8.     Close to first class schools; convenient shopping areas; houses of worship

All of the above are items that you can discuss openly with your OConly Properties Sales Associate to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

We also suggest you should include in your deliberations:
9.    Will you consider buying a property that will require some repairs or renovation or made larger?  Remember building codes are always changing and can affect the condition of your choice of another property. For example before you can apply for a loan, a new California State law requires proof that you have installed a Carbon Monoxide(CO) alarm in your property. So please take action to do this.

10.    Will you require selling your current home in order to buy the next one?

Your can rely on the expertise of our OConly Property Sales Associates who have available an ongoing inventory of available homes to find what precisely meets your home-buying specifications. By keeping a watchful eye on Orange County available properties, our OConly Properties staff can inform you of what shows up or when the price of a potential property is reduced and you can close the deal!

So make the first move – call OConly Properties at (714) 261-7871.